The Orbis Cascade Alliance has resolved the problems that temporarily hampered searching, particularly in Summit. Users should now find that all search scopes work correctly.  In addition, the renormalization and reindexing of records has introduced some improvements.  The search facets (limits) for Resource Type are made more accurate and more granular.  Users can now limit by print books, DVD videos, audio CDs, and so on. The other big change is that E-books to which Chemeketa users do not have access will not appear in search results in the Summit scopes.

The library thanks the Alliance Normalization Rules Work Group for the great work they have done!

Our library system vendor, Ex Libris, will be upgrading the library search interface to a new version beginning at 2 am Pacific Daylight Time on Sunday, March 8. According to Ex Libris:

“The duration of the work will be roughly 2-3 hours, with interrupted access to [the library search] when a restart is performed. Full availability of search results will also be compromised during this work and users may see partial results for some period of time during this maintenance.”

Articles in the Library Search that have links for Ovid Nursing Full Text will now resolve correctly at the article level. You should be able to click the link in the Library Search View It tab and go directly to the full text of the article.

Database Proxy Restored

January 29, 2015

The maintenance work is complete and the proxy server for Chemeketa databases should be fully restored.

We apologize for any difficulty you may have experienced in reaching Chemeketa resources.

PubMed links

January 27, 2015

Chemeketa Community College Library has changed link resolver services along with changing the library search.  Due to this change, Chemeketa journals will not link to full text from MEDLINE via PubMed, as they have done in the past.

We are working toward having this functionality again. In the meantime, searches in our Library Search can be limited to MEDLINE by clicking MEDLINE (NLM) under Collection: in the facets to the left of search results. These articles do link to the full text of the article.

picture of medline facet

Direct links to ScienceDirect from article records in the Library Search are working again.  The issue proved to be the DOI server at ScienceDirect’s publisher. (This is the server that takes requests from outside the system and redirects them to the article.) Our Library Search vendor has changed the way ScienceDirect articles link in order to avoid a repeat of this problem.

Chemeketa Community College library has access to Rosetta Stone online on a trial basis.  Access is limited to on campus users.  For more information, go to and follow the directions to login.  If you have any questions or comments about Rosetta Stone online, please call 503.399.2546 or send email to

E-shelf Notice

January 22, 2015

In order to make Summit and local requesting available in the library search, we were forced to make a change to the user log-in names stored in the library system. This may result in the loss of information saved in your E-Shelf prior to 22 January 2015.  We apologize for the inconvenience. E-shelf information added after 21 January should persist in the system.

Full Technology Outage: February 8th

Information Technology will be performing a variety of technology maintenance tasks on Sunday, February 8th. Users (both employees and students) should expect outages of all technology systems on that day, including:
Shared drives (not Google drives)
Web sites hosted by Chemeketa
Employee Dashboard
Wireless networks
Connectivity to the Internet

The outage window will be for 24 hours starting at midnight, though all systems will not necessarily be down for the entire outage period.

Chemeketa Web Site Restored

January 21, 2015

Certain Chemeketa websites were compromised (hacked) and unavailable from 8pm Monday 1.19.15 until 10:30am on Tuesday 1.20.15.

The disruption at Chemeketa was limited to sites using WordPress blogging software:

The College News section of the public website
The Chemeketa Online section of the public website
The Chemeketa Connects news blog on Employee Dashboard
The College library website
The hackers exploited a standard piece of Internet blogging software to redirect hundreds of WordPress blogs all over the world to a website containing content supporting ISIS.

Our IT staff shut down our WordPress blogs within 40-45 minutes of discovering the problem. Functionality has since been restored and includes additional precautions protecting the security of our WordPress blogs.

There were no other consequences to this disruption. Student information and records remain secure.

If you have questions, please contact Chemeketa Online Technical Support by calling 503.399.7399 Option 1 or email


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